Why the Jan Nagel 50plus foundation

The Dutch based Jan Nagel 50PLUS Foundation (JNF50PLUS) promotes and supports ways to bring senior citizens together, to feed their debate on the development of societies in which the elderly are respected and heard , to guarantee the rights of the elderly (‘senior citizens’) and to ensure they are adequately represented on a political level in other countries.

Public participation, transparency and information are our key principles.


  • JNF50PLUS aims to promote the political emancipation of seniors at an EU- and on a global level by establishing and intensifying contacts with other seniors parties and organisations within the European Union and neighbouring countries.
  • Where possible, JNF50PLUS seeks a basis for joint activities. Our focus is primarily on education and training activities in order to support political parties and organisations outside the Netherlands which focus on the senior citizens


JNF50PLUS  hosted an international meeting in 2023. Topic for  these meeting was discrimination by age in an international context. Elsewhere on this website you will found more detailled information and video’s.

Being a member of the AGE Network Europe and the Institute of European Democrats the JNF50PLUS will continue seeking opportunities to investigate, support and dissiminate knowledge and experience for the benefit of older people in societies.

Future plans for action will be published on this website.